Wednesday, 1 April 2009

On The Road Home

has been up at Bewildering Stories this March. This on the surface of it is a somewhat sly poke at the Christian Nativity story. But if you care to look further into it, you'll find my attempt to write these characters (substitute Mary and Josephs) as real life, modern day characters.

I am sure these two (should they have existed) didn't think themselves other than normal, everyday people. They had faults, broke wind, loved - just like people of today, y'know? There must have been a time when Mary was... just plain Mary. No halo.

I hope this makes you think.

Cheers for now, hope to start submitting flash again soon, but the novel bug has bitten deep - having finished the first one, I'm now well into the second.

Wish me luck getting an agent interested in the first one!!