Thursday, 11 September 2008

...And we're all still here

Keep watching though. If you notice time slowing down - perhaps we have a problem!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

And nearer to home

Well today the world stands with its collective fingers in its ears – waiting for the big bang! Out in CERN the scientists are going to throw the switch to turn on the super-cooled coils, looking for the pesky God Particle, you know the one that Higgs was convinced we needed to find to explain how the universe works.

So much hype and breast beating: “Today the World might end!” is dramatic fodder for the hungry news machines, a sound bite which fills the media void, fleetingly. And yet, today will be a whimper as the switch is flicked to on. Logically, any risk to the Universal fabric will come later, in the wee anonymous hours of some future date, when those massive coils have leached out enough heat to approach absolute zero, and the target particles have increased in velocity to get close enough to Einstein’s C.

Maybe there is a God Particle lurking amongst the charms and the quarks; but maybe we should allow for its opposite too. And if so, perhaps the devils within the atom should be allowed to remain at peace, undisturbed by inquisitive arrogance and the childish insistence of wanting to know.

All The Continents of the Sun..

is a new piece up at Every Day Fiction, a site which gives you a daily dollop of small fiction, delivered into your email in-tray. You can subscribe, too! Go on, get yourself a cup of beverage (mmm yummy!), sit down and read it @:

In view of what's going on today at CERN, perhaps those scientists should read this one!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I don't just write, y'know...

But I do some reviewing of others' work too. Go look around The Short Review - tag in the links section. It's a wonderful site, full of stuff about a very under valued writing art - the short story.

Go and visit, and perhaps you'll become a fan of the short too! They are longer than a flash, but shorter than a full book!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Comments, suggestions & comissions

...all will be considered! Especially that last one! And the first two need to be clean and both anatomically & morally possible!

If you like my stories, feel free to leave a message here in this post.

If you don't like them... keep it to yourself!!

Where to start...

Since last time I posted?

Well I went for a fabulous two weeks down in Cornwall, body-boarding. The weather could have been sunnier, but when you are skimming the waves and drenched anyway, a little light drizzle doesn't seem to get in your way!

At least the temperature held steady, so teeth didn't chatter when we left the surf. SO un-cool!


I have just heard I've made the top ten in the recent Doorknobs & Bodypaint summer Dorsel competition, on the theme "Heat". Friends Oonah Joslin and John Allen were also placed (higher up) so I don't feel lonely! Well done to the pair of you! All winning stories will be published. My entry was called "Never Smile at a Crocodile", and was a wee bit naughty!

I've also made the Short Humour site's anthology, with a story called "Drizzled Hope". My husband says this is very apt, as I am both short and (upon occasion) humorous! Synergy in action there then!

And let me see now, which of my flashes have been published since last time?

Well there's "The Tryst" and "Cornbread and Candy Sauce" in The Ranfurly Review @:

And there are 2 flash stories up at The Shine Journal @:

Both are scraps of things really - more dribbles than flashes, and so are in the Twinklings section. They are called "Reverse" and "The Verdict".

Go check them out.

And I think that's it, for the moment.