Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Neglected and Abandoned

I am afraid I have been most remiss in updating this blog. What with attending The London Book Fair, joining Facebook and writing the synopsis for yet another novel, in between fitting writing the flash stories I've been a bit busy. Well that's my excuse!

I also took part in The Midnight Walk around Ipswich. An 8 mile route, which proved to be so popular that instead of the hoped for 800+ women taking part (the organisers' target after last year's 200) - there were a staggering 2000+ of us!! The Walk was in aid of St Elizabeth's Hospice, and raised £100,000+. A great night's work.

My flash "Rite of Passage" was published on Backhand Stories on 9th May. Go and take a skeg. It's a coming of age piece.