Thursday, 10 September 2009

Now that Autumn is here

I am moving into chapter ten now of the WIP. Had a bit of a block, but it is melting away now so I hope to plough on with that now.

Just had some very encouraging news back from The Stiletto in the Door 2009 Competition for ChickLit. I entered my first novel Moving On and had a lot of very positive feedback. Due to stupid errors (My own silly fault - yes really!!) in the text I entered I didn't make next round... Well that and probably the others were better! (But I am sticking with my first bash at an explanation.)

Also I am happy to tell y'all that I have had three more flash accepted.

2 have been published already - one over @ The Pygmy Giant called A Cup of Tea, and the other - my first! - @ Ink, Sweat & Tears called In the Heat of the Night. Bit rude that one!

The third will be up @ The Boston Literary Magazine in their Fall edition (due soon but not out) and that one is called Hallelujah - based on the Leonard Cohen song, interwined with the story of Bathsheba, Uriah and King David from The Old Testament.

Tell me if you think it works...