Sunday, 7 September 2008

Where to start...

Since last time I posted?

Well I went for a fabulous two weeks down in Cornwall, body-boarding. The weather could have been sunnier, but when you are skimming the waves and drenched anyway, a little light drizzle doesn't seem to get in your way!

At least the temperature held steady, so teeth didn't chatter when we left the surf. SO un-cool!


I have just heard I've made the top ten in the recent Doorknobs & Bodypaint summer Dorsel competition, on the theme "Heat". Friends Oonah Joslin and John Allen were also placed (higher up) so I don't feel lonely! Well done to the pair of you! All winning stories will be published. My entry was called "Never Smile at a Crocodile", and was a wee bit naughty!

I've also made the Short Humour site's anthology, with a story called "Drizzled Hope". My husband says this is very apt, as I am both short and (upon occasion) humorous! Synergy in action there then!

And let me see now, which of my flashes have been published since last time?

Well there's "The Tryst" and "Cornbread and Candy Sauce" in The Ranfurly Review @:

And there are 2 flash stories up at The Shine Journal @:

Both are scraps of things really - more dribbles than flashes, and so are in the Twinklings section. They are called "Reverse" and "The Verdict".

Go check them out.

And I think that's it, for the moment.



Sarah Hilary said...

Congrats on all the recent successes, Avis!

Avis HG said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for that and right back at you!

Walter Giersbach said...

Good heavens, Avis, I'd never have thought of that story line in "Tryst." And now I'm wondering, "Why not?" Enjoyable.

Have you tried your hand at satire? It's an antidote to the tribulations of the sinking economy, bad weather and love gone astray.