Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Hands up...

Who's looking forwards to The London Book Fair in April? To be held @ Olympia on the 20th, 21st, 22nd in Earl's Court. It will have representation from all manner of people connected with publishing - including some scouts and agents. Worth the price of a ticket?

May see you there!

Meanwhile editing on the Novel is going great, and the flash stories are beginning to flow again. It must be the warmer weather!


Anonymous said...


Good to here that the editing is coming along! As you say, it must be spring - or somesuch!

Can't quite decide about The London Book Fair. One day yes, the next - I'm not sure.

All the best


Avis HG said...

Well we could arrange to meet under the aspidistra... and see what develops!!

Walt Giersbach said...

Oh, Avis, you just have to work harder! Read your flash in BW and figured out the...er, misconception by the third paragraph. Need a little more complexity there. (Don't get irked with me. All my friends are irked at the crap I'm getting published.)

Avis HG said...

Hi Walt

...my flash in BW. which on is that? I can't think. Do tell me.

Avis HG said...

Would it be the flash in Bewildering Stories you are talking about?