Thursday, 28 June 2012

It's that time of year again!

Well it's time to fire up the old blog!  It's nearly a year since I last did this - I wonder if I remember how it goes?  And that looooong gap is not because I've been sat on my tush doing s*d all!  I've been busy busy busy finishing that Novel, and gathering up my collection of short and flash stories into one place.

That place will be Kindle Select.  I am just about to become intimately acquainted with the The Big K. Those lucky people at Amazon don't realise how honoured they are about to be!!

I've slewed around the offerings for us aspiring authors, read lots of electronically published authors experiences... done research until it's dribbling out of my ears.  And I'm now ready to publish A Plate of Bits.  It's most of my shorts and flash for the past 5 years all together in one handy eBook, for your convenience.  My pride and joy is close on 150 pieces of work and weighs in at a respectable 84,000 words.

I shall be popping back to report on my journey in the coming weeks - Daaarling that's de rigour don'tcha  know?  Any newbie published author putting themselves up on KSP today just has to blog about it.

Pour your heart out, they say.  Messy, I say - but here we go...


SAWatts said...

84,00 words is a lot of flash fiction! I look forward to reading :)

SAWatts said...

Oh dear - I seem to have lost a 0. That would be 84,000?

Avis HG said...

What's a 0 among friends? It is five years' work remember. I can now turn my attention to editing one of the three novels that are lying untidily around the place - metaphorically speaking.