Monday, 20 August 2012

Somebody stop me!!

At first a new author gets a kick out of clicking the Amazon Kindle reports button to check on just how many copies have been  How about now?

And now?

There's nothing so satisfying as seeing that you've made yet another sale.  But checking once a day is enough surely?  Somebody support me on this, as I am - quite frankly - out of control, here.  but it's so seductive to bask in the glory of the sales figures.  That means... how much will I'll get in just over 80 days?  What mega investment will I plump for?  What a nest egg!  Or not.

The sales trickle in in ones and... well ones!  It starts slow and with luck begins to grow.  Rather like a zygote as it pauses before growing into the blastocyst that will become the fetus that eventually becomes the baby that will grow into the man; or woman.  Eventually, after time and the proper care and stimulus.

Hangon, let me check - any more sales.... no change from ten minutes ago when I last checked.

So, in the end, you have to stiffen your resolve and get on with doing something else - like edit the next one?  Or write it, even?

But just in case you missed it, here is the Amazon tag handily placed for your convenience so you can go and buy a copy. 

Even if you don't buy it, I am told that just by clicking on the Amazon button will help bolster my stats in the famous Amazon algorithm that pushes titles onto and up lists.  And a girl needs all the help she can get on getting on that first rung of the ladder.

So... Go on - make my day!!


Sandra Crook said...

Okay, I've been to the Amazon site. Don't have a kindle, so can't oblige any further, but well done. It looks good, and knowing your work, I'm sure it will be.

Avis HG said...

Thanks Sandra! Onwards and upwards