Saturday, 29 September 2012

Oooh - there's a bit more interest

I am now very proud to tell all and sundry I have two 5 star reviews for the book.  One on -  A Plate of Bits, US and one on Amazon here 

Go read them people, then go buy the book! Go here to buy A Plate of Bits on or Uk-ers go here

You'll be glad you did!

Right that's the advertising break over with, now back to real life.  It's sunny so am off to skivvy for the hubby (this is NOT a euphemism) while he cuts the grass...  I'm the wheel-barrow-emptier, the pass-me-this-er, the just-hold-this-while-I-er.  Sound familiar?

Then an exotic round of the local supermarket before falling exhausted into a bath with a glass of French red

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