Friday, 30 November 2012

It does work...

I had a dressing down last weekend by some author chappie who took exception to my free promo on A Plate of Bits. available on backon that link there - or on here.

He wouldn't shut up about how I was letting the side down, giving my work away for free, aligning myself with the worst elements of wannabe bad self-published authors who wouldn't know the different between a semi-colon and a lower portion of the digestive tract if it slapped my face. (Actually that was my analogy not his.  He was just rude, slighting, condescending and extremely patronising) 

So after bandying various emails, which got ruder and ruder, he tried to switch the tables and accuse me of harassing him because every time he administered a slap, I had the... temerity to answer back and defend my writing and  actions.  In the end I just had to keep repeating to stop emailing me - he took the hint in the end.

The promo went really well, I had a lot of downloads.  It has garnered me more sales in it's wake, and some more 5 star reviews on Amazon - what more can I hope for?  Major sales and a take off like Fifty Shades of Grey, yes.  Okay, I admit that hasn't happened - but neither did I expect it to.  Being a new voice breaking into an arena is tough.  Any and all (legal) promotional avenues should be considered and no-one has a right to put another author down for doing something they would not.

But back to my original grip.... I'd like to know - who died and made him head monitor?


One Minnesota Writer said...

Glad to hear the promo went so well, Avis! Some unprofessional people just want to hear themselves talk. Or, rather, see themselves in comments. You go, girl. Get your good work out there by any means that work for you!

Avis HG said...

Thanks, Kathleen. The sad thing is that the chappie is a well established writer - but rather too much luvvie, if you understand the term? Anyway he's left me alone and I'm happy about that! Onwards and upwards!