Saturday, 8 November 2008

I've fallen behind, tsk, tsk!

Recent stories:

There was Grooming Lessons up @ Static Movement:

And Floating Dust up @ Bewildering Stories, a follow up to Blood Moon, from earlier in the year. (thanks for the nudge Walt!)

And there was Empty nest @ Pygmy Giant:

What else?

Did I mention For He's a jolly Good Fellow, and The Shape of Things to Come over @ Short Humour?:

Oh and of course there was Late for the Curfew, @ The Pygmy Giant's new home:

And I think that's all for the recent back log.


Walter Giersbach said...

Ah, and will you mention "Floating Dust" in Bewildering Stories? Very nice imagery, what with drugs smoothing out the wrinkles of life. Especialy loved the irony of the last line.

Fionnuala said...

Berludy 'ell Avis! What a list! Fx

Avis HG said...

Thanks for that nudge Walt! I forgotted!! And I am thoroughly ashamed of myself.

Thanks for you comments, they mean a lot!

Hi Fi!

Yes, a bit of a long one, but That's the hump of them... I have to start sending stuff out again.


Avis x