Sunday, 21 June 2009

Well I have been a busy little bee...

But not on here!

I have got the new novel up and running - chapter 6 beckons starting Tuesday. The first five are out with a reader panel as I type...

The first novel is in this year's "Stiletto in the door Competition" for ChickLit Writers. Results are due in August. If you don't get into the final, you get a crit, so everyone's a winner!

This new one is definitely not ChickLit - much darker, very unfrothy and a lot meaner. Rather like some of my Flash Fiction then!!

I must get around to subbing stuff again...


Ella Blackhart said...

Hey there! Oh, I am the same! I am just in the process of updating my blog and will send you and a few others an email when I have a new blog post, too.

Plus will look at the edits straight after.

Take it easy, but not too much!


Ella Blackhart said...

I've just joined Twitter - join me! LOL

My Profile


Ella Blackhart said...

Where are you????????????????

Avis HG said...

Hi Ella

Sorry just back from Brittany and have had a virus -maybe a mild form of swine flu? I'm calling it piggywiggy flu!!

JohnA said...


Great news! Good luck with the new novel - much darker? That's what I like to hear.